oxidive (take 1)

concatenated Rusty John
in a dustup outside the barber shop
happens all the time
without rationale or cadence
but does everything have to be deep?
do these streets have to be deeps?
I told about the bus-whales that swim up
alongside us as we walk
and no one paid attention
maybe ‘cause I wasn’t deep enough yet
and Rusty John here
(he of the loosely affiliated body parts
corroded chinks in the chainlinks of ‘im)
he’s just another shallows
a crawdad catch-and-release, child’s play
pincers all too easily avoided
and you, boy, need to dive down
deeper in the river, seek bottom
away from the preacher and the pig-creature
chasing you with striped lollies (as per Flannery)
get down, young Moses, get down in it
and grab double handfuls of not free
but costly association, death-priced

hell, Rusty John can wait outside the barber shop
scrapping and biding his time


1 thought on “oxidive (take 1)

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