Rusty John in outline (1st draft)

Just who is this
concatenated Rusty John
you ask me.
In what sense is he
why is he ‘rusty’?
Well, you can see for yourself.
Look at the tenuous links of him:
the boy, the teenager,
the young man, the
middle man (who’s been cut
out), the old mean man,
the old kind man—just look
at ‘em latch onto each other,
tussle a spell, break up huff-
ing, lock horns again,
brawling all across his
sack-of-bones body;
and hell, the rust just comes
with the years, you know that
(somebody told me no one
says that, ‘you know that’, in
real life, only on the page—well,
ain’t we on the page here?);
I’m saying, you know as well
as I do the rust just comes with
the years, specially in this rainy
city; and all those parts of himself
fighting each other all the time
make him a scrapper with those
who are not himself.
The barber shop, oh, that,
he just came for a haircut he
didn’t want to pay for and
never really left.

Anymore questions?
Anymore ways I can
help you use your own eyes?



‘The Old Hero’ by Bill Rogers (aka Giveawayboy)



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