Asking… (half-cocked)

Why?  Why do we want justice, vengeance, love, redemption, healing?  Why do we dream of finally backing the whole gang of rapists and murderers into a dead end alley and beating the life out of them one by one?  Why do we dream of all the unholy horror unwound, undone, re-doomed, put to rights?  Why do we dream of Love as a Prize Fighter dealing out the blows of justice on pure evil’s arrogant head until the brute can’t get up any more, ever again?

Why?  Why all these glimpses of judgment and retribution, righting of wrongs?  Why is there even a dream beyond those dreams where the unjust too are somehow forgiven, the real punishment for the unjustifiable crimes meted out to the last inch, yet forgiveness and reconciliation for all – all – all who will receive it?  Nobody meant to become that, the disgusting perpetrator of unspeakable evil. Nobody was meant to become that.  No baby was born for the express purpose of ending up a monster of inhuman cruelty.  No destiny decrees that.  That’s why we dream of the redemption even of monsters.

If you don’t ask these questions, you’re just not asking much of anything.  You’re no seeker.  You’re more dead than alive.


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